Metal Keyrings

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Metal Key Rings are guaranteed to last more than 10 years with daily usage.

The metal key rings are brass MFG key-rings with no lead content, a steel connection and retractable split ring. All the edges of our metal key rings are highly polished.

Any shape of metal keyring is available, even with images on both sides, or you can have your own details engraved on one side. Details such as your company name, address, telephone numbers, web site address and so on.

The glass resin on one or both sides of your metal keyring gives it a classy finish.

Let your promotional metal keyring become a friendly attachment to your customers’ key ring arrangement.

Metal Keyring Examples

Have a look at our metal keyring samples page to take a look at the many companies for whom we have produced promotional keyrings in the past.

Metal Keyrings Are User Friendly

You certainly cannot do any damage to your business reputation when your customers carry your businesses metal keyrings 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This is a small insurance policy to protect your customer base from competition.

“Everybody carries keyrings – Be with them everyday!”

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