Promotional metal and plastic keyrings

Keyrings, key rings and more key-rings

As a key ring specialist since 1984, Dennis Hayes, Director of “A Great Idea Company” will help you with your keyring requirements. We are major suppliers of promotional keyrings in Australia.

Keyring users include real estate agents, automotive industry, hospitality, sporting clubs, service industries including especially panel beaters, builders, consultants and the service industry generally. Other users of customised key rings are hotels, restaurants, hairdressers, travel agents, clubs (for memberships), special occasions and anniversaries.

What could be the #1 idea of all time?


To date only a few have got onto this idea of protecting their clients and their keys 24/7.
Simply introduce a client key register by adding a sequential security no. to each of your key rings.
We supply promotional key rings to all major real estate groups!

For a small outlay of 50-70cents on top of the average cost of each personalized keyring, $2.5-$3.5ec. To provide this extraordinary service to protecting your clients’ keys will place your company advantageously against competitors.

The benefit will flow for as long as your are in business and we will assist you to improve service and follow up with your clients 24/7. Can’t beat that!

NB: The same principle applies to the hospitality and automotive industries.

Contact me now and we do the rest. Dennis Hayes

Why A Promotional Keyring?

There are 101 ideas and reasons behind using quality metal keyrings. Needless to say that everybody carries keys and the opportunity exists to be with your customers / clients / friends every day of the year with a custom metal keyring.
Here are 3 great reasons for using keyrings as a promotional strategy:

  1. Most cost effective way of reminding your customers of your name, address, telephone number, website etc. everyday of the year over the next 15 to 20 years.
  2. Improve your service at a professional and personal level.
  3. Increase the number of repeat and referral clients.

From only a cent a week per client, no company can afford to be without promotional keyrings!
Let us design together a key ring with personalised information to get your message across simply and permanently.


Plastic keyrings and photo fridge magnets

Key Tags or Keytags

Plastic Keyring             Photo Keyrings           Acrylic Keytags

A very cheap form of advertising is through the use of blank plastic key tags or keytags.
We can also produce acrylic plastic key tags with one to full colour print with sequential numbering of your keytag. Plastic Key rings come in a number of sizes. Please see the link here to see what is available.

Metal company badges (magnetic or pins and clips)

Contact us for keyring or keytag quotes

If you want to buy keyrings or key tags or for further information regarding keyrings or key rings, please contact us on
(03) 9690 7370 or 0408 928 601, or send us an email at sales@agreatideaco.com.au or use our Contact us online form to submit an inquiry.

“Staying in touch is one of the keys to success.”

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